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We are a proud member of “Coalicion Empresarial Pro Libre Comercio”.

This is a binational program between the United States and Mexico to secure safety in transportation between both countries.

Among the benefits that represent being part of this are: Improves transportation processes, reduces risks in the export process, makes easier the trade between both countries, prevent illegal procedures.

We are also a company certified by CTPAT.

This is a program in ally with the government of the United States to guarantee safety in the transportation of any of the loads of our clients. By being recognized and approved by this program our clients receive the benefits that this represents. For example: Reduced number of CBP examinations, front of the line inspections, possible exemption from Stratified Exams, shorter wait times at the border, assignment of a Supply Chain Security Specialist to the company, access to the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) Lanes at the land borders, among others.

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